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Which Lips Would You Rather Kiss?

Scientific research has shown that smoking cigarettes affect your oral health and leads to dental problems, including tooth decay, oral cancer, gum disease, stained teeth, cavities, and bad breath. If you’re still unconvinced of the latter, go kiss a smoker. If you don’t have a smoker to turn to or are uncomfortable with making out with the next complete stranger you see walking down the sidewalk (which you probably should be), use your imagination. If you’re lacking in the imagination department, maybe the American Lung Association can help.

In 1987, the ALA released an anti-smoking campaign featuring a young couple enjoying a horror flick on the couch. Sexual tension is high, until the girl lights up a cigarette and transforms into a goblin. “Aren’t you going to kiss me,” she asks the hormonal boy. The chick is giving him the go-ahead, but her barbed and browning teeth make his tongue think twice about entering because, let’s be honest, “No wants to kiss an ashtray.”

Smoking cigarettes can be a deal breaker when you’re faced with locking lips with someone, even if that person is your favorite celebrity. If you were given the chance to make-out with your celebrity crush, would their tobacco habit make you think twice?

Take a look at these before and after pics of past celebrity smokers. Which version would you rather make-out with; smoker mouth or vapor lips?


  1.                Katherine Hoarseness          VS              Katherine Honey
  2.                      Eric Teeth Rotting                 VS              Eric Strawberry Rush
  3.                Paris Periodontal Hilton             VS               Paris Pineapple Hilton
  4.                    Leonardo Di-Cavity             VS             Leonardo Di-Cappuccino
  5.           Shane Withering Mouth         VS          Shane Western Tobacco
    shane west-smokeShaneWest-ecig
  6.          Mike “The Stinky Breath”         VS       Mike “The Summer Cobbler”
  7.                 Cougher Zeta Jones                VS                 Cherry Zeta Jones
  8.                   Rhys Inflammation                 VS              Rhys Island (Sherbet)

SmokeStik Appearance on Letterman

SmokeStik Appearance on Letterman

            One of the best e-cigarette products available today, the SmokeStik, appeared on a 2010 episode of David Letterman. Being such a great performer in its class, it’s no wonder that even A-list celebrities are rocking it, but you don’t have to be a Hollywood superstar to afford it. Perhaps its appearance on Letterman will broaden its appeal to people wanting to try out the electronic cigarette for the first time ever.


The SmokeStik you saw on that very episode of Letterman comes in plenty of other varieties. In addition to more flavors than you can shake your regular cigarettes at; the SmokeStik has plenty of varieties and accessories that will keep you going for longer than a pack of ‘reds will. You’ll save big when you decide to forgo your usual smoking habits for the SmokeStik instead, but you didn’t need a celebrity appearance on Letterman to convince you of that already!


The Letterman Appearance


On September 28, 2010, Katherine Heigl made an appearance on the David Letterman show in order to promote her new movie, Life As We Know It. She talked a lot about her upcoming film, along with the many jokes that go along with any celebrity appearance on Letterman, but what made her appearance most notable was her use of an electronic cigarette while on air.


Katherine herself has been smoking cigarettes for over 25 years. Seeing the tobacco take its toll on her health, she successfully weaned herself off cigarettes entirely, and switched to the SmokeStik. While she still maintains an oral fixation, she is no longer risking her health with the many downsides of real cigarettes.


Not only was she able to enjoy the Smokestik while on live television, but she even managed to share a puff with Letterman himself. Being able to smoke indoors may have come as a shock to some, but with an e-cigarette, you will find out the places you were prohibited to smoke in previously are now open to your habits!


This is because the SmokeStik utilizes a unique vaporization device which turns flavored water into breathable vapor. Since it contains none of the carcinogens and other harmful chemicals that regular cigarettes do, you can smoke in many of the places you never thought possible. Just be sure to ask permission first.

That said, the rest of us have e-cigarettes readily available to us. The SmokeStik in particular is a very accessible product that many can choose to try whether you plan to kick the habit or maintain a healthier alternative for secondary use. Making the switch has never been so easy or as affordable.


The SmokeStik


Since its appearance on Letterman, the SmokeStik has become one of the most popular products in its class. With a reliable base, plenty of flavors, and even more accessories to round out the e-cigarette package, some users won’t be able to help themselves from taking another puff. It’s not entirely out of the question to have them replace your regular cigarettes entirely, just like Katherine Heigl!


If you’re just starting out with the SmokeStik, here are some options for you to get started:


  • SmokeStik Disposable – If you’d prefer a purchase with no obligations, then the disposable SmokeStik might be for you. Good for up to 200 puffs, this variation is fully-charged, comes with no foul odors, and can come with or without nicotine.
  • Premium Starter Kit – Coming with two batteries, a USB charger, AC adapter and a carry box, you will have all you need to get started. The three included cartomizers of different flavors will also give you enough variety to keep you satisfied enough to avoid real cigarettes altogether!
  • Royale Starter Kit – This package comes with the same contents as the Premium Kit except the batteries are a pearlescent white and they have a diamond like jeweled  tip
  • Once you have decided to stick to the e-cigarette just like your favorite celebrities, you might end up craving for more later. Luckily, the SmokeStik has plenty of different flavored cartomizers to keep you satisfied ranging from cappuccino to strawberry. And they come in XL sizes, if you want to keep a smoking session going on for longer.


Several other accessories will keep your e-cigarettes in use longer. From carrying cases to different colors of batteries and skins, you’ll also be able to accessorize in style. Match your e-cigarettes to the occasion!


Is The SmokeStik Right For Me?


If you have ever wanted to smoke more often in even more places, then perhaps the SmokeStik is indeed for you. You can use it in plenty of other places that a regular cigarette can’t be used, such as the set of David Letterman! If you can’t somehow find a prime time talk show set to smoke in, then the places you work, play or eat can serve just as well, too.


Just be sure you know your local laws before deciding to indulge. You may not be on the set of Letterman, but a SmokeStik can be enjoyed to its fullest all the same!

SmokeStik Welcomes New Ambassador, Josh Henderson

SmokeStik has been generating a lot of buzz throughout the United States; they are on late-night television, in the news and in the hands of a great many ex-smokers. But there is one thing about SmokeStik that makes them different than any other brand on the market – they team up with celebrity ambassadors who sponsor certain starter kits and offer portions of the proceeds to charity.

For example, Katherine Heigl teamed up with SmokeStik to produce the Pitbull Starter Kit. Not only do a percentage of profits from Pitbull Starter Kit sales get donated to the “Compassion Revolution” to help end pet overpopulation, but she helps spreads the message of SmokeStik in an effort to end the devastating long term effects of smoking tobacco. It’s two great causes packed in every SmokeStik starter kit. Recently SmokeStik welcomed a brand new member to the celebrity team. His name is Josh Henderson and he’s the star of the very hyped up, upcoming series “Dallas” on TNT.

Josh Henderson Smokestik Hendu EliteAfter being exposed by his mother to the hellish realities of smoking throughout his childhood, Josh Henderson has been an anti-tobacco proponent for as long as he can remember. He was never a smoker himself, so he felt almost helpless against the strong forces of cancerous tobacco. It wasn’t until a product like electronic cigarettes and a brand like SmokeStik came along that he could do something about it. It all began when he sent a SmokeStik e-cigarette to his mother for her birthday. She fell in love with it and almost immediately quit smoking tobacco forever. It literally saved her life.

After seeing the extremely encouraging results of using something beautiful and healthy like SmokeStik to quit something awful and deadly like tobacco smoke, Henderson was inspired to become a part of the movement. He, like Katherine Heigl, has teamed up with the SmokeStik brand and sponsors the new Hendu Elite Starter Kit.

The Hendu Elite e-cigarette is one of the sleekest on the market. There are so many boring white and orange electronic cigarettes on the market that the Hendu, like all SmokeStik products, stands exalted and dazzling above them all. It was built with Henderson’s advice and built to suit his personality. The Hendu Elite is a sleek stainless steel with a purple bejeweled tip. Josh Henderson doesn’t use products himself (he’s a non-smoker), but this e-cigarette was built for his personality. It’s a beautiful first electronic cigarette for anyone that is looking to finally make the switch.


Not only is Henderson using the Hendu Elite to go on the war path against tobacco cigarettes and the damage they’ve done and continue to do, but also to raise money for a charity of his own. A portion of proceeds from Hendu Elite sales goes to Henderson’s charity of choice, the Hollywood Knights. They are a basketball team that tours the country to raise money for the community.



SmokeStik Pitbull Starter Kit



The SmokeStik Pitbull Starter Kit Part 1


SmokeStik has always been regarded as one of the premier brands when it comes to electronic cigarettes. Their years of expertise in creating world-class e-cigarettes have made them popular not only to average people around the world, but Hollywood stars and A-list celebrities as well. Solid proof of the brand’s excellence is the fact that many actors and actresses in Hollywood are using their products over those that are being marketed by competing companies. Hollywood celebrities like Katherine Heigl and Dennis Quaid are openly using the SmokeStik. The Smoke Stik Pitbull Starter Kit is the result of years of research and development. It is not your average electronic cigarette. It is the ultimate e-cigarette in terms of elegant styling and ease of use. Rumor has it that the SmokeStik Pitbull Starter Kit was inspired by Katherine Heigl’s guesting on a late night television show in 2010. The Grey’s Anatomy actress openly admitted her “addiction” to electronic cigarette use. Characteristic of Katherines bold personality she even demonstrated to the public how an electronic cigarette is used and the various benefits that a smoker can derive from using it as a viable tobacco cigarette alternative right on live television. Katherine was carrying a SmokeStik electronic cigarette with her and even encouraged the late night show’s host to give it a shot. The host…an avid cigar smoker himself….was very impressed.

SmokeStik was unaware that Katherine was planning to speak about their product on international television. Since the Pitbull had not been officially introduced to the public or released for sale serendipity stepped in and a partnership of sorts was formed. (SmokeStik denies any legal contract) Ms Heigl loves dogs, pit bulls in particular so the new starter kit was dedicated to Katherine’s younger brother, Jason. Jason was taken from our world as a teenager in an automobile accident and the Heigl family continues to honor his memory with their many charity efforts. A portion of the profits from the sale of every Pitbull kit goes directly to the Jason Heigl Debus Foundation charity, Compassion Revolution. Compassion Revolution is a charity that funds low cost spay and neuter services and responsible pet ownership. SmokeStik’ s contribution to the foundations primary goals and objectives will help in controlling pet overpopulation, by providing funds to purchase tools and services that are needed to manage the program.

SmokeStip Pitbull Starter Kit is unique in the sense that it features a larger and longer battery component. When placed alongside classic SmokeStik starter kits, the Pitbull will surely grab your attention. Aside from the fact that the battery component of Pitbull electronic cigarettes is longer, there are other advantages of using Pitbull electronic cigarette product. Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Pitbull story and your chance to win a FREE SmokeStik Pitbull starter kit!!

Hollywood Elite Prefer SmokeStik Electronic Cigarettes Over Other Brands

SmokeStik® Electronic Cigarettes are increasingly becoming popular among general smokers but is quickly finding an established fan base in Tinseltown. Celebrities young and old have chosen SmokeStik to be this year’s brand de jour. Even the Paparazzi have started to take note with a recent piece on The Huffington Post where four out of five celebrities were seen smoking SmokeStik brand electronic cigarettes: www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/05/08/celebrities-smoking-electronic-cigarettes-photos_n_1500814.html

Celebrities E Cigs Smokestik

The SmokeStik phenomenon can be attributed to the few trendsetters willingly promoting the brand through unpaid endorsements. Katherine Heigl of Grey’s Anatomy fame professed her love for SmokeStik and electronic cigarettes during a taping of the Late Show With David Letterman. It would be soon after that many followed her lead by not only giving SmokeStik a try but soon falling in love with the product. The exponential growth of SmokeStik e-Cigaerttes has only solidified the brand as a top tier product for not only the high-profile Hollywood Elite but ordinary folks wanting a clean, tobacco alternative.

SmokeStik has even started to develop relatively strong relationships with its celebrity fans through collaborative products intended to not only promote a healthier form of smoking but give back to the community at large. The celebrities SmokeStik works with dedicate their time and effort into not only delivering an excellent product but an e-Cigarette that is in line with the company’s goal of promoting greater community outreach.

Known for his role on the wonderful FX Drama Rescue Me and his upcoming role in the Summer blockbuster The Dark Knight Rises, Daniel Sunjata has teamed up with the company to develop the SmokeStik Halligan Electronic Cigarette. Sunjata aided product engineers in choosing the red hue of the battery as well as other stylistic suggestions. Proceeds from the purchase of a Halligan e-Cigarette will go to Sunjata’s organization of choice: The FeelGood Foundation. This non-profit allies itself with medical and health professionals to better educate and spread awareness about the disastrous health effects experienced by 9/11 first responders. The organization also provides health and financial assistance to those that dedicated their time and service during the aftermath of this nation’s greatest tragedy. For more information visit http://www.feelgoodfoundation.com

Smokestik Celebrity Fans 2

Katherine Heigl’s work with SmokeStik lead to the creation of the SmokeStik Pitbull Electronic Cigarette. Proceeds from the sale of this line go to The Compassion Revolution. Created by Jason Debus and Heigl, this foundation’s aim is to help address and curb the pet overpopulation problem in Los Angeles. More information on this project can be found here: http://jasonheiglfoundation.org

Actor Josh Henderson, set to star in the television remake of Dallas starting on June 13, 2012, has also worked closely with the SmokeStik brand by introducing the Hendu Elite Electronic Cigarette. The Steel design and purple LED tip were suggestions made by Henderson during its production. A portion of the proceeds for each Hendu Elite bought will be donated to the Hollywood Knights Foundation that work with dozens of non-profit organizations such as the American Diabetes Association, The USO, and The Make-A-Wish Foundation.

SmokeStik® Electronic Cigarettes are the world leader in the electronic cigarette industry. For more information on SmokeStik’s charitable efforts visit http://www.smokestik.com


Pink Electronic Cigarette – The Ultimate Ladies E-Cigarette

Have you ever seen this video of Katherine Heigl smoking one of our SmokeStik e-cigarettes on the Tonight Show with David Letterman? This video not only helped kick off the entire electronic cigarette movement in the United States, but it proved that women look way more beautiful smoking electronic cigarettes than tobacco cigarettes. This groundbreaking event prompted us to create our Pink Electronic Cigarette, a product dedicated to women who wanted to improve their health while also adding the feminine touch of a pink electronic cigarette.


Did you know that 60% of e-cigarette users are women? This may be a surprising statistic to some, but it makes really makes sense considering how nasty tobacco smoking is for appearances. Men may be able shake that off and keep puffing on that smelly smoke, but women prefer vapor and are clearly the smarter gender in this case.  So if women are more likely to be “e-smokers” than men, why aren’t there more pink e-cigarette options out there? Here at SmokeStik we asked ourselves this very question – back before studies were even being done on this subject. We rolled out our “Pink Starter Kit” around the same time that we released the first of our popular starter kits. We knew that the gentler sex would appreciate the amazing benefits of vaporizing and want to join the e-cig revolution.


SmokeStik Pink Electronic Cigarette – A Beautiful Design

The SmokeStik Pink E-Cigarette is really a sight to behold. The battery is a beautiful, sleek pink color and it comes with white cartomizers (flavor cartridges) that give it that classically classy pink and white look. If you’ve seen that famous picture of Marilyn Monroe smoking a tobacco cigarette, marilyn_monroe_cigarette just imagine replacing that ugly orange and white of a traditional cigarette with this gorgeous pink and white device. Not only would it look better, but think about how much sexier she would be smoking e-cigarette vapor  instead of tobacco smoke! No odor, no stained teeth and no yellowed skin – female smoking has never been hotter.


Oh and I didn’t even mention that coolest part about SmokeStik’s pink e-cig: the cubic zirconium tip! Typically e-cigarettes have had an LED tip that lights up when you inhale. And this works fine, but SmokeStik added an innovative cubic zirconium tip that lights up more brilliantly than any LED tip out there. Check out this video to see what I’m talking about! This really caps off the brilliance of SmokeStik’s pink electronic cigarette. It’s probably the coolest light that I’ve ever seen on an e-cigarette and it makes me want to buy it for every every lady in my life that still smokes those nasty tobacco cigarettes.


What Comes in the Pink Starter Kit?


SmokeStik’s Pink Starter Kit is a great way to get introduced into the world of e-cigarettes. It also makes the perfect gift for that woman in your life that you would like to see quit smoking tobacco. Not only will it make a trendy and awesome gift, but it will save their life. So what comes in this kit and why is it as great as I say it is? It comes with 2 lithium ion batteries (with cubic zirconium tip), 3 white cartomizers (flavor cartridges), a FREE pink carry case, a wall charger, a USB charger and a keepsake box.


The Pink Battery – Backbone of Our Pink Electronic Cigarette


The backbone of this starter kit is the sleek pink battery. The battery is the most important aspect of any electronic cigarette, it not only powers the entire process of e-smoking but it determines how the e-cig looks. There are white batteries, black batteries, blue batteries and basically every color you can think of, but there seems to be a lack of good pink batteries out there. Anyway, who wants to smoke a white e-cigarette anyway? They look just like a normal cigarette and isn’t that what we are trying to get away from here? That’s why the pink is such a great idea, it shows that e-cigarettes can not only save lives but be a really cool fashion accessory. And another thing to mention is that if you are out in public using your pink electronic cigarette, nobody is going to mistake it for a tobacco cigarette and confront you about smoking indoors! That’s right, you can take your e-cigarette indoors, something that you could never do with the old cigarettes after the nationwide smoking bans. If you’re out at the bar, the club or even the supermarket, you can bring your e-cig along with you (some places may not be okay with it so proceed with caution!).


The Flavor Cartridges


The SmokeStik Pink Starter Kit comes with three flavor cartridges in three different strengths. It comes with one of each; a high, medium and low strength cartomizer. This is so you can experiment and figure out which strength suits you personally, and so that when you order refills you know what you like. These cartomizers come in your choice of tobacco or menthol flavors, so whether you smoked Marlboro Reds or Newports there is an e-cigarette alternative as you make the switch.


The Pink Carrying Case


The free carrying case is a really nice addition to the Pink Starter Kit. It doesn’t have to be pink colored either! You can choose from a bunch of different colors; black, red, silver, white, pink or royale! So not only do you get the fashionable pink e-cigarette, but you get a case in the color of your own choosing. SmokeStik has really upped the ante for electronic cigarettes as a true fashion statement.


Smoking Alternative How To series Part2. Is my electronic cigarette working properly?

Katherine-Heigle-electronic-cigaretteProbably the most confusing thing about any electronic cigarette including the SmokeStik is the charging process. Not only does the charger itself have LED indicators, (blinky lights) but the SmokeStik battery itself has an LED that does more than just light up when you puff on it. Of course there is a long drawn out technical explanation about the relationship between the microchip inside the charger to the microchip inside the battery. But what you really want to know is what the heck DO all the blinky lights mean? So here is a rundown of the “Morse code” just for the batteries themselves:

1. When inserted into the charger the led may turn on and may not…normal
2. When the charging has completed the LED may turn off …. Or not…normal
2. When disconnected from the charger the LED will flash three times.normal
3. When the battery needs recharging the LED will flash 10 times. normal
4. If you draw for more than 7 seconds the LED be will flash three times. normal

For the chargers there are two pieces that have indicator lights….the Wall Adapter and the USB/Car Charger combo. The wall adapter is just that….an adapter that allows you to plug your USB cable into your home wall socket. The USB cable can also be plugged into the car adapter in your car or into a USB 2 port on your computer or laptop.












For the wall adapter the light will stay green. For the USB cable the light will be RED if it is actively charging. It will turn blue when the charge is complete. You can not overcharge the battery however it also does no good to leave it on longer in hopes of getting a “better charge”. When the light turns blue it’s done. If you happen to look at the charger while it is at a certain stage of charging, when it is within 10-15 minutes of being done, the light may appear both colors at the same time or appear to flicker….this is normal.

So now you have a brand new fully charged SmokeStik and a brand new fresh cartomizer. The number one question we get at this point? Why doesn’t my SmokeStik make a giant cloud of vapor like Katherine Heigl’s did on that late night TV show? Something must be wrong with it! 9 times out of 10 the real answer to this question is stage lights and air conditioning. Think of looking at the sun shine through a window and how you can see every little spec of dust in that beam of sunlight…..it’s the same thing. Then add the super cooled air of a stage set and your going to get that illusion of a giant cloud. It’s not done on purpose….it’s just the way things work. You will see a similar effect on uTube and in movies when people are smoking or vaping. But if your the tenth person and something really is wrong…we can fix it! Almost always over the phone….so please do call if you don’t think something is working properly. We are happy to help!

What does alternative smoking have to do with Katherine Heigl's new movie?

Absolutely nothing! LOL!!!

But we do love Katherine as well as the co-star of One for the Money, Daniel Sunjata.I think they make quite a handsome pair on screen. (0k…they’re hot….that’s all there is to it) There actually is some relevance here since both Katherine and Daniel are SmokeStik users and have signature SmokeStik kits. The Pitbull is Katherine’s with proceeds going to Compassion Revolution, a charity for dogs and cats. And the Halligan is Daniel’s with proceeds going to the Fealgood Foundation, a charity to benefit 9/11 First Responders and their families.








And while researching for this article, (because I admit…I have not seen the movie yet…I got so hooked on the books….I’m now reading #8 in the series) I found out Debbie Reynolds is a costar as well! Remember Debbie? Well if not I’m sure this photo will jog your memory! With Gregory Peck from “How the West Was Won”









I just ordered my preorder copy of One for the Money on Amazon. Can’t wait to see it!!!!

Katherine Heigl on the cover of Modern Dog magazine

As most of you know… SmokeStik electronic cigarettes loves their pets! And we love our stars that support such great charities and stand up for a cause they believe in. SmokeStik discovered Katherine on the cover of Modern Dog  magazine recently and we just had to share it with all of you.

Here is also a link to the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation. Did you know that for every Pitbull kit sold, a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to Compassion Revolution. SmokeStik gives two thumbs up to Katherine and everything she does.

2012 Academy Awards…..SmokeStik's pick

Ok….so maybe she didn’t get nominated for an award this year. Katherine Heigl is still at the top of SmokeStik’s list any day! These beautiful photos were taken in Berlin,Germany at a photo shoot for her latest movie, “One for the Money”. By now everyone knows that Katherine enjoys using her SmokeStik electronic cigarette instead of smoking tobacco. And boy are we glad! Because one thing is for sure…..smoking causes wrinkles! Katherine is certainly beautiful….and SmokeStik is happy to help her stay that way.

WARNING: SmokeStik® products are intended for use by persons of legal smoking age, NOT BY nonsmokers or by children, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or persons with or at risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or taking medicine for depression or asthma. Consult a physician if you experience symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea, weakness and rapid heartbeat. If you smoke tobacco products, you are encouraged to stop.

SmokeStik® products are NOT smoking cessation products, have NOT been approved by the FDA, and have NOT been tested as such. Please keep SmokeStik® products out of the reach of children and pets; ingestion of certain pieces can present a choking hazard, and ingestion of large amounts of non‐vaporized concentrated ingredients in the cartridges can be poisonous.These statements and SmokeStik® products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.