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SmokeStik ULTRA Introduces Electronic Cigarette News

Breaking Stories from the World of E-Cigarettes and Ecig Culture

Hello electronic cigarette enthusiasts, fans, and SmokeStik ULTRA patrons! This is e-cigarette news from the team here at SmokeStik, delivering fresh updates hot of the press for your reading enjoyment. It can be overwhelming to wade through the multitude of articles, blog posts, and social media comments regarding e-cigarettes these days. There is a lot of misinformation regarding this industry and the culture that surrounds these revolutionary smoking products. This is why we decided to regularly post objective articles on the subject of electronic cigarettes, so you know you will receive accurate, unbiased news stories from a source you can trust.

While the team here at SmokeStik ULTRA may certainly have a strong opinion regarding the subject of e-cigarettes, our electronic cigarette news posts will be informative, not persuasive. Even though we proudly endorse the use of e-cigs and think they’re one of the greatest modern innovations of this century, these articles are meant to bring you the facts. You can be certain that any SmokeStik ULTRA article labeled “Electronic Cigarette News” will allow you to make your own decisions and opinions on the matter, so let’s begin!

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You can Now Pack Electronic Cigarettes in Carry-on Bags, according to TSA

In an interesting development for e-cigarette smokers everywhere, the TSA has formally approved electronic cigarettes for travel in carry-on luggage across the United States. This announcement was made through the Security Agency’s Twitter  and Instagram accounts, where all “Ecigs and vaping” devices were unequivocally given the green light for airline expeditions. The only exception would be in those rare cases where an electronic cigarette was modified to look like a weapon.

As e-cigarettes become more common and widespread in use, it was apparent that the TSA had to take a firm stance on the issue. Travelers with ecigs would attempt to hide their portable vaping devices in hidden luggage compartments, but this is entirely unnecessary according to this recent development.

If your electronic cigarette is not shaped like a gun, knife, or any other potentially dangerous weapon, it is 100% safe for you to travel with. As long as the TSA can tell that your device is an electronic cigarette at a glance, you are ready to fly with your healthy smoking companion.

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