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Introducing the SmokeStik ULTRA E-Cigarette, an eGo Design

Superior Quality Ecig with Flawless Style & Personalization Options

Welcome, one and all, to our brand new user-friendly website and your source for E-cigarette information, breaking news, and insider advice from industry experts. The launch of our new online store coincides with the release of our SmokeStik ULTRA, which is defined by top of the line eGo construction, superb durability, and boutique designer styles. You get to choose a look and taste unique to your personality, allowing you to make this cutting-edge e-cigarette completely and undeniably yours. Don’t panic, because our wildly popular Classic SmokeStik is still available for purchase. There’s a button right at the top of your screen if this brave new world of high end personal vaporizers frightens you! Don’t worry, we won’t judge. For those ready to experience the future of electronic cigarettes, join me and read on.

If you’ve been with SmokeStik for a while, you know how important quality is to this company. We wouldn’t sell an e-cigarette if we felt it wasn’t of the highest standard available. That’s exactly why our entire staff uses them for personal enjoyment, just like you. If we won’t use an e-cig, you won’t find it offered in our online shopping center. We truly believe that SmokeStik produces the best electronic cigarettes in the business, we and spend each and every day attempting to improve on previous models. The result is an e-cig that is continuously ahead of the industry curve, because we’re designing our products with the most current research and modern technology.

SmokeStik ULTRA Kits are now available! They come in Black, Silver or Pink. Take a look at all three!
Ultra-Kit-Silver-L Ultra-Battery-Silver-S
ULTRA Kit ULTRA Batteries

An E-Cigarette unlike any other, from a Name You Trust

It is in this spirit that we proudly offer our one-of-a-kind “eGo” SmokeStik ULTRA!  It’s true, SmokeStik Classic is simple, easy to use, and about the best value e-cigarette on the market. We’ve been perfecting it since 2008 when we joined the e-cig movement as one of it’s earliest adopters. However, during that time, we’ve also been working on an electronic cigarette design that would be for the fans, the enthusiasts, the e-cig experts. Instead of throwing your SmokeStik away when you’re done, you can have a sleek, sexy, personal device. This e-cig is manually activated, longer lasting, and refillable with tons of flavors to choose from! Like I said earlier, it’s a brave new world.

We care about our products and customers so much, we just had to introduce SmokeStik ULTRA the right way. Our way. You’re reading this on the platform we created specifically for the SmokeStik ULTRA! A whole new website, a new electronic cigarette, an awesome new blog. We may just be overachievers.

We will be here ready to answer any and all of your questions, so don’t hesitate to ask. Leave a comment, send an email, give us a call. You can tell we’re excited about our new eGo electronic cigarette, so you know we’d love to talk to you about the SmokeStik ULTRA too.

WARNING: SmokeStik® products are intended for use by persons of legal smoking age, NOT BY nonsmokers or by children, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or persons with or at risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or taking medicine for depression or asthma. Consult a physician if you experience symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea, weakness and rapid heartbeat. If you smoke tobacco products, you are encouraged to stop.

SmokeStik® products are NOT smoking cessation products, have NOT been approved by the FDA, and have NOT been tested as such. Please keep SmokeStik® products out of the reach of children and pets; ingestion of certain pieces can present a choking hazard, and ingestion of large amounts of non‐vaporized concentrated ingredients in the cartridges can be poisonous.These statements and SmokeStik® products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.