6 Reasons Why E-Cigarettes Won’t Help You Quit

        Smoking Cessation is one of the biggest issues related to public health not only in North America but worldwide. Over the years many different methods including patches, chewing gum, lozenges, and many more have been used and are still … Continue reading

7 Lies About Personal Vaporizers

Many false accusations and lies have been spread about the personal vaporizer, and without correct information consumers are unsure if the personal vaporizer (e-cigarette) is safe. Seven of the most common lies and misconceptions about the e-cigarette are. Continue reading

5 Reasons Your Personal Vaporizer Did Not Help You Quit Smoking

Vaping is the newest trend, literally millions and millions of people across the Unites States, Canada, Europe, and the rest of the world are now using personal vaporizers (e-cigarettes). Even though the FDA has not approved the e-cig as an approved method to quit smoking, recent studies have shown that vaping every day may actually be the best way for smokers to kick the habit once and for all. Continue reading

23 Ways to Experience an Adrenaline Rush

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E-cigs on the Rise, Teenage Smoking Rates Plummet

Forbes calls Electronic Cigarettes “the most successful smoking cessation product” ever Invented The massively popular American business magazine, Forbes, recently released a fantastic article on vaping culture and the effect of electronic cigarettes on teen smoking rates in the United … Continue reading

The Active Electronic Cigarette Community on Reddit

E-Cig News, Reviews, and Tips can be found at /r/electronic_cigarette The team here at Smokestik has been active within the electronic cigarette community for many years, and has recently increased our presence online. The recent release of the Smokestik ULTRA … Continue reading

Big Tobacco is Losing the War against the E-Cigarette

“Cigalike” Smokers are moving on to more Advanced Electronic Cigarettes The SmokeStik ULTRA is a revolutionary electronic cigarette with a refillable, high-quality eGo design, making it one of the very best e-cigarettes available on the market. We introduced the ULTRA … Continue reading