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SmokeStik electronic cigarette batteries and chargers. How do they work?

So you just got your new SmokeStik kit and it seems simple enough, right? Two little pieces that screw together, puff and go. But you quickly realize it isn’t as simple as it looks. Do you have to charge the battery when you receive it? Why are there four different pieces to the charger. And mostly, what do all these blinky lights mean on both the charger and the battery???

Can I use the SmokeStik right out of the box?

Typically when you receive your kit or a new battery it should have an 80% charge on it. This means it will work, but will not stay charged as long as it will when it’s fully charged. Also, it takes 3 charge cycles to condition a battery. This means for the first three charges the battery will not be quite as powerful or stay charged quite as long as it will after the conditioning period. So if at first it seems like the battery isn’t doing what it should give it a couple cycles to “warm up”.

How do I know when to charge the battery?

Your SmokeStik will blink/flash at you 10 times when the charge is completely used up. However, it’s better not to wait that long. It will extend the battery life if you go ahead and charge it when the flavor and vapor production begins to “roll off”. This is a different feeling and taste than when the cartomizer is done. We will talk about that later. But when you start getting less vapor and your not being satisfied by the puffs you take…your battery needs to be recharged.

How long does it take to charge a battery? Can I leave it plugged in too long?

If your battery is completely dead it will take 3 hours to charge it. However long it takes to top off the charge is called a “charge cycle”. This term will be important to you shortly. And no, you cannot leave it plugged in too long. You can leave it plugged in overnight and it will not hurt a thing. The charger and the battery both have a micro chip in them and they communicate with each other. When the battery is full the charger stops charging.

How do I know when it’s done? And why do some of my batteries blink when I take them off the charger and some of them don’t ? Is something wrong with the ones that don’t?

Here is where the different charger lights come in to play. Its important to also know the correct names of all the pieces in case you ever think you have a problem you will be able to accurately describe it to us. So I will start with a photo of those pieces:


The AC adapter has a GREEN light on it that should always be on and always be green. It never changes. The USB corded charger has a BLUE light on it that turns blue when the charge is complete OR if your battery is totally dead, as in can’t be recharged dead, the light will always be blue but the battery will not work. If your battery needs to be charged the light will be RED when you screw in the battery. It IS totally normal to see that light flickering between colors when the battery is completely charged. And if you hold the charger at an angle the light may appear yellow. If the light starts flickering the minute you screw in and doesn’t stop then you need a new charger.(Older versions of the USB charger may have a green light instead of a blue light. This goes for the car adapter as well) The fourth piece of your charger set is called a dongle USB charger. It’s “ready” light is green but it functions exactly like the corded model. 

The answer to the question about the light on the BATTERY is honestly, we don’t know. Some batteries will light up while they are being charged and then flash at you when you remove them from the charger. Some don’t. There is nothing wrong with either one. If your battery works it works. You don’t need to worry about the blinky lights. :)

How long before I need new batteries? 

This is where charge cycles come in. Lithium batteries have an overall lifetime of about 300 charge cycles. But that doesn’t translate directly into linear time…or the number of months a battery will last. The more puffs you take….and the longer those puffs last, the more you will need to charge your battery. So a person who is charging their battery once a day because they are regulating their usage and not over using the battery will get many more months of use out of a battery than the person who is “chain puffing” and charging 2 or more times a day. To put it in perspective if you where to draw on these little batteries nonstop without any rest, just one long inhalation, they would stay charged about 7 minutes. So much of the life of your battery is up to you and how you use it. A starter kit comes with two batteries because that is what it takes to get you started. If you were a pack a day smoker or more you really need more than two batteries to have consistent, satisfying puffs and not have to worry about getting caught with only one battery.

I had a perfectly good battery that suddenly just stopped working. Why?

There is really only one reason a perfectly good battery just suddenly stops working. It got dropped on a hard surface. Dropping your batteries on concrete or a hard tile floor can break the lead wires inside. When this happens the battery core itself is still good but the SmokeStik will no longer work since it cannot receive or send electricity.

I dropped my battery in the bathtub, toilet, hot tub, dish water, washing machine. Will it still work?

uh…..No. That’s it …just no. And even excessive moisture from using your SmokeStik at the beach, or say if you work in a fish store and lean over aquariums all day, or take it jet skiing can cause it to stop working. As well as walking around with it hanging out of your mouth. You may not realize it but your saliva ends up inside the battery. I know this for a fact because I have killed batteries this way….LOL

I hope this helps make your SmokeStik experience easier to understand and more enjoyable. And as always, if you think you have a problem…just call us!!! We are happy to help.



WARNING: SmokeStik® products are intended for use by persons of legal smoking age, NOT BY nonsmokers or by children, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or persons with or at risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or taking medicine for depression or asthma. Consult a physician if you experience symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea, weakness and rapid heartbeat. If you smoke tobacco products, you are encouraged to stop.

SmokeStik® products are NOT smoking cessation products, have NOT been approved by the FDA, and have NOT been tested as such. Please keep SmokeStik® products out of the reach of children and pets; ingestion of certain pieces can present a choking hazard, and ingestion of large amounts of non‐vaporized concentrated ingredients in the cartridges can be poisonous.These statements and SmokeStik® products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.