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Best Quotes From Celebrity Dads (About Being a Father)

To show our appreciate for Dads everywhere, we’ve put together the best quotes by celebrity fathers and turned them into motivational posters, because, let’s face it, even their words inspire us to have kids of our own.

For a last minute gift for pops, check our variety of smokeless devices on smokestik.com! Motivate him to change this Father’s Day…

















Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset






fd-rayr  fd-rickimartin fd-ryanreynolds fd-willarnett1


10 Ways to Show Your Mother You Love Her


Mother’s Day is just around the corner and it’s the perfect opportunity to put your love for her in action. You could do what most do and buy her flowers or spend money on materialistic things, or, you can show your appreciation for all her hard work with a few simple (but meaningful) gestures.

So put your wallet away this year and check out 10 heartfelt ways you can show your mom how much she means to you…


  1. Write down how your life accomplishments stem from her abilities as a mother


  1. Cook her signature dish. Even if you are a horrible cook, she will appreciate the effort and the fact that you’ve been paying attention this whole time.


  1. Take over her daily responsibilities.


  1. Tell her which of her qualities you admire.


  1. Give her a hug… every minute!


  1. Do her favorite activity with her…whether that be going to a yoga class or watching soap operas all day. And don’t be scared to enjoy it :)


  1. Refrain from arguing. Instead, validate what she is saying and make it a daily habit.


  1. Create a digital collage of her life.


  1. Put together playlists for her iPod. Then take the time to sit down with her and teach her how do it (step by step). Remember to be patient!


  1. Promise to quit smoking because you want as much time on this earth to spend with her <3

Which Lips Would You Rather Kiss?

Scientific research has shown that smoking cigarettes affect your oral health and leads to dental problems, including tooth decay, oral cancer, gum disease, stained teeth, cavities, and bad breath. If you’re still unconvinced of the latter, go kiss a smoker. If you don’t have a smoker to turn to or are uncomfortable with making out with the next complete stranger you see walking down the sidewalk (which you probably should be), use your imagination. If you’re lacking in the imagination department, maybe the American Lung Association can help.

In 1987, the ALA released an anti-smoking campaign featuring a young couple enjoying a horror flick on the couch. Sexual tension is high, until the girl lights up a cigarette and transforms into a goblin. “Aren’t you going to kiss me,” she asks the hormonal boy. The chick is giving him the go-ahead, but her barbed and browning teeth make his tongue think twice about entering because, let’s be honest, “No wants to kiss an ashtray.”

Smoking cigarettes can be a deal breaker when you’re faced with locking lips with someone, even if that person is your favorite celebrity. If you were given the chance to make-out with your celebrity crush, would their tobacco habit make you think twice?

Take a look at these before and after pics of past celebrity smokers. Which version would you rather make-out with; smoker mouth or vapor lips?


  1.                Katherine Hoarseness          VS              Katherine Honey
  2.                      Eric Teeth Rotting                 VS              Eric Strawberry Rush
  3.                Paris Periodontal Hilton             VS               Paris Pineapple Hilton
  4.                    Leonardo Di-Cavity             VS             Leonardo Di-Cappuccino
  5.           Shane Withering Mouth         VS          Shane Western Tobacco
    shane west-smokeShaneWest-ecig
  6.          Mike “The Stinky Breath”         VS       Mike “The Summer Cobbler”
  7.                 Cougher Zeta Jones                VS                 Cherry Zeta Jones
  8.                   Rhys Inflammation                 VS              Rhys Island (Sherbet)

What to Expect When You Quit Cold Turkey

Despite having an estimated 10% success rate, many tobacco users continue to turn to the cold turkey method believing they have the will power to beat the odds. While some are able to kick the habit, most end up relapsing.

It is free of cost, but it is not pain-free. So if you decide to take this route, be prepared to endure a long list of withdrawal symptoms that will turn you into a completely different person.

Here are 16 reasons why quitting cold turkey isn’t the best approach…


  1. You can no longer sit still.



  2. You start hating everything and everyone around you (and they eventually start hating you).



  3. Everything is stressful. Even Jello can put you on edge.



  4. Your energy level is low that you can’t stand up for long periods of time.



  5. The sound of your own voice makes your head want to explode.



  6. You’re sensitive to everything…including the sun.



  7. Eating trumps the safety of others.



  8. Functional impairment becomes a daily routine.



  9. My bad, I forgot what I was saying.



  10. You no longer laugh at fainting goats because you can relate.



  11. Your digestive system has a mind of its own and it is evil.



  12. People start assuming you’re addicted to crack.



  13. You part ways with saliva.



  14. Nothing makes you happy anymore.



  15. You develop a drinking problem.



  16. The commercial of the lady with a hole in her throat makes you want to smoke.



If you want to keep your friends and your sanity, try replacing your tobacco cigarettes with a SmokeStik Starter Kit.

23 Ways to Experience an Adrenaline Rush

Experiencing an adrenaline rush can improve any boring life. If you’re looking to add some thrill to your daily routine, maybe it’s time you enter the world of a thrill-seeker and tryout our list of activities that will get your heart racing.

If you want to feel a burst of energy run through your body without putting yourself in harm’s way, let the taste of Strawberry Rush do the job.

  1. Jump over a speeding car


  2. Become a stuntman


  3. Tap into your inner Batman


  4. Ski off a cliff

  5. Mess with a crocodile while bunging jumping


  6. Break the ice


  7. Learn the art of rhino riding


  8. Hitch a ride on the back of a truck


  9. Mess with a bull and get the horns


  10. Grab and go


  11. Drive towards a tornado


  12. Hug a lion


  13. Try to befriend Bambi


  14. Belly-flop off a high dive


  15. Go ice-diving


  16. Ride your bike backwards, down a hill


  17. Pick-up a rowdy hitchhiker


  18. Take a ride in a cable car


  19. Surf with some flare


  20. Handle a paintball gun


  21. Help a shark get something out of its teeth using your finger


  22. Get in a fight


  23. Kiss a stranger


6 Shows to Binge Watch on Netflix in March (And an eLiquid Juice to Accompany You)

Spring is finally here! However, with Netflix’s new releases this month, getting off the couch is going to be a difficult task. Whether you’re binge-watching with a friend or alone, further immerse yourself in the world of these new and returning characters with our list of suggested E-Liquid flavors. Let the binge-watching begin!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Available March 6)


Photograph: Eric Liebowitz


Flavor: Appletini

Created by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock, Ellie Kemper stars as Kimmy Schmidt who has recently escaped from a bunker where she lived under the control of a doomsday cult for the last 15 years.

Share a seat on your couch with the Appletini E-Liquid as Kimmy embarks on a new life journey on the streets of New York City.

Archer Season 5 (Available March 7)
Flavor: Sex on the Beach

Soon after finding out ISIS was never sanctioned by the U.S. government, Archer and his comrades take a break from global espionage and enter into a world of vice as they attempt to sell a large amount of cocaine.

Featuring a pregnant Lana Kane (Aisha Tyler), a thinner Pam (Amber Nash) due to her drug addiction, country singer Cherlene (Judy Geer), Krieger’s (Lucky Yates) clones, dictator Cyril Figgis (Chris Parnell), drug cartel founder Malory Archer (Jessica Walter), a paralysed Ray (Adam Reed), and a boozing, sex-driven Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin)…the only thing missing is a little Sex on the Beach E-Liquid.

3rd Rock From the Sun (Available March 15)

Flavor: Bubblegum

Watch the complete series of the extraterrestrials who pose a family as they study the behavior of humans with the assistance of humanity’s most cherished creation…Bubblegum E-Liquid.


Bloodline (Available March 20)


Saeed Adyani – Netflix

Flavor: Select Black Cherry Tobacco

In Netflix’s new dramatic thriller, the Rayburns’ family loyalty is put to the test when the black sheep son returns home and threatens to disclose their scandalous past.

What’s a black sheep without some black cherry E-Liquid?

Mad Men Season 7 (Available March 22)

Flavor: Select SSRY4

Embrace your “Mad Men” side with Select SSRY4 E-Liquid as you catch up on the first half of the final season (“The Beginning”) before the second half (“The End of an Era”) premiers on April 5, 2015.

Nothing sums up the award-winning series like the taste of spiced tobacco.

Turn Season 1 (Available March 25)
Poster - TURN _ Season 1 _ Keyart - Photo Credit: Courtesy of AMC
Flavor: Select Honey Tobacco

Being an informant has never looked so appealing in AMC’s period drama. Finally enjoy a history lesson as the Culper Ring, America’s first spy ring, ultimately derails the path of the American Revolutionary War under the orders of George Washington.

After the destruction of tea shipments at the Boston Tea Party, we’re guessing there was an abundance of honey leftover, which is why Select Honey Tobacco E-Liquid is the perfect ally for this series.

Do Your Part to Keep Electronic Cigarettes on the Market

Join the Fight for Vaping Products with SmokeStik and CASAA Before it’s too Late

Electronic cigarettes are in danger of being removed from the open marketplace, making it much more difficult for consumers to purchase vaping products across the country. If nothing is done, the Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act (TCA) could effectively eliminate 99.9% of currently operating electronic cigarette companies. This would be a crippling blow for the ecig industry and vaping enthusiasts everywhere, but there is still time to prevent this from happening. Join the SmokeStik ULTRA team in this battle for our freedom to vape, and ensure that the most successful smoking cessation product ever created remains accessible to all.

The Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act could ironically cripple an industry that has helped countless former smokers quit. The language of the TCA bill categorizes e-cigs as “tobacco products” and would thus be subjected to the same extreme regulations as traditional cigarettes. Producers of e-cigs would then be forced to submit a Premarket Tobacco Application in order to operate, which is a highly expensive and time-consuming process. Filing this series of documents is so expensive and difficult that the FDA predicts only 25 will be submitted in total, just a minute fraction of the industry.

NEW SmokeStik ULTRA Intro Kit and Select eLiquid are now available! Check out all the new Kits!
Ultra-Single-Kit-Silver-L Select-eLiquid-Black Cherry-Tobacco
ULTRA Intro Kit ULTRA Select eLiquid

The TCA threatens to decimate the electronic cigarette industry, which could tragically shift a lot of power back into the hands of big tobacco while severely curtailing vape culture in the United States. So what can we do to stop it?

Urging Elected Officials to Change the “Grandfather Date” for Electronic Cigarettes

You can still take action and help prevent ecigs from being removed from the market, but time is quickly running out. There is a “grandfather date” included in the TCA, which currently allows vaping products created before February 15, 2007 to be exempt from such regulations. However, there is a movement to change this date to April 25, 2014, which could potentially save hundreds of electronic cigarette businesses and vaping products.

To encourage lawmakers to support the extended grandfather date, the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA) has issued a call to action with a pre-made letter you can send to local and state representatives with ease. This process only takes about two minutes of your time, and could be the difference we need to win this fight.

If you love vaping, the time to act is now. Stand up, speak out, and change the future of vaping today.

E-cigs on the Rise, Teenage Smoking Rates Plummet

Forbes calls Electronic Cigarettes “the most successful smoking cessation product” ever Invented

The massively popular American business magazine, Forbes, recently released a fantastic article on vaping culture and the effect of electronic cigarettes on teen smoking rates in the United States. The Smokestik team has recognized the positive health benefits of ecigs over traditional cigarettes for years, but it seems as though the general public is finally starting to take notice. When a publishing giant like Forbes comes out with a widely-shared article on the positive effects of electronic cigarettes and “vape” is the Oxford Dictionary word of the year, you can tell there is real progress being made.

The Forbes article demonstrates how teenage smoking rates have been cut in half, and “that halving of teen smoking rates coincides with the invention and introduction of vaping.” Other professional studies on electronic cigarettes have produced similar data, but some have been worried that increased ecig use could lead to eventual cigarette addiction. However, these same studies have disproved such notions: “…people use vaping equipment instead of smoking, not as a gateway to it nor does vaping increase smoking prevalence. It is thus a substitute, not a complement.”

NEW SmokeStik ULTRA Single Kit and Select eLiquid are now available! Check out all the new Kits!
Ultra-Single-Kit-Silver-L Select-eLiquid-Black Cherry-Tobacco
ULTRA Single Kit ULTRA Select eLiquid

Despite so much evidence to the contrary, some within the American health community still speak out against electronic cigarette use. This backlash against vaping, while nearly all studies  are showing positive health benefits when compared to traditional cigarettes and dramatically lower teenage smoking rates, is quite perplexing. However, most of this dissent comes from the pharmaceutical industry, and it is easy to understand why. Perhaps my favorite quotation from this article reads:

“…there’s also those over in Big Pharma who have invested very large sums (it really does cost up to $1 billion to bring a new drug to market) in various pharmaceutical smoking cessation aids. And they would be very interested in being able to market those without having to face the competition…”

Of course. Why should we be surprised? In every great movement, health-related or otherwise, there are those in financial power looking to stop the inevitable turn of the tide. However, these large corporations in the pharmaceutical industry can shell out millions of dollars on advertising all they want. Teenage smoking rates cut in half, numerous studies showing the benefits of electronic cigarettes over traditional smoking, and the widespread prevalence of ecigs in our global culture all show that vaping is here to stay.

The Active Electronic Cigarette Community on Reddit

E-Cig News, Reviews, and Tips can be found at /r/electronic_cigarette

The team here at Smokestik has been active within the electronic cigarette community for many years, and has recently increased our presence online. The recent release of the Smokestik ULTRA has drawn effusive praise and enthusiasm from our fans and customers, who are hailing it as the Ecig of the future. To help spread the word, we’ve rolled out our sleek, ergonomic new website and encourage user participation here on our blog. Please leave a comment, ask a question, or leave a review of our electronic cigarettes, because we love hearing from you!

The Smokestik ULTRA is a high-class eGo design that can be modified and refilled, in contrast with our Smokestik Classic, which is disposed of after use. This electronic cigarette revolution is catching fire within the digital community as well. During our time spent engaging with our fans online, we stumbled upon an active, friendly community of Ecig enthusiasts over at Reddit.com. The wildly popular user-driven content site, dubbed the “front page of the internet,” contains an zealous and well-informed group of electronic cigarette advocates. The “subreddit” is called /r/electronic_cigarette, and the community currently boasts over 70,000 members who share ideas, advice, and are always looking for new Ecig aficionados to join.

Learn more about ecigs and compare our products. See our full comparison chart.
Ultra-Kit-Silver-L Reddit Alien
ULTRA Kit Join Us On reddit

A Diverse Ecig Community for the Modern Digital Age

Searching electronic cigarette forums for advice and friendly discussion can be very frustrating, as tempers tend to flare whenever there is a disagreement. Wonderful questions and initially helpful threads can be dissolve into name calling and flame-throwing very quickly. However, Reddit’s most active electronic cigarette community does not tolerate such behavior, and users will be banned for serious offenses.

Because an account is required to join the Ecig subreddit, users tend to remain cordial, even during a disagreement. An account is not required to browse the high-quality electronic cigarette content and read the discussions taking place, but membership is completely free and necessary for participating in the conversation.

A recent survey of this electronic cigarette community showed that members are located on every continent, and 84% used to smoke traditional cigarettes. 72% have kicked the nasty habit entirely with the help of Ecigs as well. The poll also explained that the average user encouraged at least 2 friends to try electronic cigarettes, displaying the helpful spirit of this subreddit. If you are an Ecig enthusiast, we encourage you to peruse their forum and reach out to other members. When you’re done, please come back here and tell us about your experience!

Big Tobacco is Losing the War against the E-Cigarette

“Cigalike” Smokers are moving on to more Advanced Electronic Cigarettes

The SmokeStik ULTRA is a revolutionary electronic cigarette with a refillable, high-quality eGo design, making it one of the very best e-cigarettes available on the market. We introduced the ULTRA to overwhelmingly positive reviews, despite our fans being so used to the SmokeStik Classic, a disposable electronic cigarette that is still available for purchase. it seems as though smokers are fine with moving on to a superior product, even if they have spent decades using something different. This is even more apparent when looking at the advent of e-cigs altogether, as Big Tobacco steadily loses ground and electronic cigarettes grow exponentially in popularity.

Despite doing everything they can to force former smokers to once again use their product, large tobacco companies have ridden the coat-tails of ecig industry innovators for years. You probably know of “cigalikes,” which are Big Tobacco’s version of the electronic cigarette, making up the majority of the ecig market since it’s inception. That’s right, the biggest cigarette companies in the world also control the biggest portion of the ecig industry, despite fighting it at every turn.

Learn more about ecigs and compare our products. See our full comparison chart.
Ultra-Kit-Silver-L Halligan_Starter_Kit_Proper_Square
ULTRA Kit Classic Halligan Starter Kit

Of course, that was before last month, when refillable electronic cigarettes officially overtook cigalikes as the most popular vaping product on the market.

This is an incredibly important turn of events, as Big Tobacco has made a fortune on smoker’s lungs for decades, and early ecig advocates have been fighting for control of their own industry since it began. It is a new day, and as profit falls for tobacco companies every year, a healthier way to smoke is truly winning this war. A perfect example of this trend is smoking rates in the United Kingdom, which have dropped more than a full percentage point each of the past two years. Researchers say the advent of electronic cigarettes is by far the most likely cause of this decrease, which will continue to improve the quality of life for smokers and their families in the future.

The SmokeStik ULTRA and Classic are both flagships of the electronic cigarette industry, and we are very proud of that fact. We will continue to innovate and improve our products as we seek to help traditional cigarette smokers make the right life decision and escape from the chokehold of Big Tobacco companies. If you are a smoker looking to make a change, please contact us today. You aren’t alone in this fight, and we are always happy to help.

WARNING: SmokeStik® products are intended for use by persons of legal smoking age, NOT BY nonsmokers or by children, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or persons with or at risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or taking medicine for depression or asthma. Consult a physician if you experience symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea, weakness and rapid heartbeat. If you smoke tobacco products, you are encouraged to stop.

SmokeStik® products are NOT smoking cessation products, have NOT been approved by the FDA, and have NOT been tested as such. Please keep SmokeStik® products out of the reach of children and pets; ingestion of certain pieces can present a choking hazard, and ingestion of large amounts of non‐vaporized concentrated ingredients in the cartridges can be poisonous.These statements and SmokeStik® products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.